The Race hits the stores!

The Race is now available to buy in bookstores or online or as an eBook. My thanks to everyone who had a part in getting in to this point. And a special thanks to everyone who buys a copy or recommends it to a friend.

The Race Q&A

The following Q&A was prepared for the Penguin Australia website. The questions were posed by Anna Esposito.


Tell us a little about your new book, The Race.

In The Race, Jack Rogers and Stella Sartori can’t believe their luck when a juicy consulting assignment takes them to Italy at the height of summer. Even better, the job requires an insider’s look at the glamorous world of Formula 1 racing. Despite the many distractions, they focus their minds on doing a good job for their client. But their peculiar knack for digging out the truth drags them into the climax of a deadly conspiracy that has been unfolding for months. At its heart is an aristocratic family dynasty surrounded by a swirl of money, politics, religion and tradition. Before they understand what they’ve uncovered, Jack and Stella find themselves targeted by the conspirators. Their only choice is to unravel the layers of deceit and misdirection that have so far fooled everyone else, including the European police, to expose the real mastermind behind the plot. Continue reading “The Race Q&A”