Review – Launceston Examiner

The Contract

‘… intelligent insight into the dirty world of corporate takeovers and acquisitions. …….. After this gripping offering, Hoffmann has left the door open for what should be an exciting sequel.’

Rachael Brain

Review – Sunday Mail Brisbane

The Contract

‘Age-old secrets are popular grist for thriller-writing mill at present, and a decade-old mystery is the crucial jigsaw piece in this debut work by Australian author Hoffmann. Setting his thriller in high-flying Wall Street, Hoffmann has two Australians as his key characters. They are Jack and Stella, successful business people working for different divisions of an investment bank. They are thrown together in a desperate fight for their lives and the truth when Stella unwittingly uncovers a devastating secret.’

Review – Bay Post

The Contract

‘Hoffmann’s style is reminiscent of Grisham’s – murder, mystery and thriller combines to take you on a trip through America in a no-holds-barred chase where the winner takes all’

John Morrow

Review – The Reading Stack

The Contract

‘Using typical words to describe The Contract such as “fast-paced”, “action-packed”, “edge-of-your-seat” is all I can think of because they fit so perfectly. …… This is Hoffmann’s first novel and if he keeps writing like this it won’t be long before he has a huge fan base!’

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